UDC 343.3/.7:504.9
Biblid: 0543-3657, 63 (2012)
Vol. 63, No 1148, pp. 71-90

Review Article

Environmental Security and Protection in European Union and Republic of Serbia

Todić Dragoljub (Ph.D., Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade), d.todic@diplomacy.bg.ac.rs
Miljuš Brano (Ph.D., Institute of International Politics and Economics, Belgrade), brano@diplomacy.bg.ac.rs

Taking as a starting point some methodological dilemmas the paper points to the general frameworks of the European Union’s (EU) security policy concerning the position and role the environmental field plays in the EU policy and regulations. It is pointed out to the place environmental problems take in the foreign and security policy. The basic elements of the EU environmental policy and regulations which are significant are for security are especially analysed and these are as follows: industrial pollution control and risk management, nuclear security and radioactive waste, chemicals management, waste management, air protection, water resources management, nature protection, noise protection, etc. In the last part of the article, the authors point to the place and significance of the environment in the security policy of the Republic of Serbia (RS) especially within the context of harmonisation of national legislations with EU laws. The fundamental thesis that is being proven in the paper is that environmental problems take their normatively defined position in the security policy and they have been quite precisely built neither in the security policy of EU nor in the security policy of the Republic of Serbia.

Keywords: environment, Treaty on the European Union, Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, EU regulations, environmental security, security policy, RS regulations, National Security Strategy