Vol. 64, No 1149, pp. 72-84

Original Scientific Paper
Received: 07 Mar 2023
Accepted: 07 Mar 2023

India at the Iran–U.S. Crossroads

Milenković Nataša (PhD, Faculty of International Economics, Belgrade), nmilenkovic@megatrend.edu.rs

This paper examines the strategic rationale behind the strengthening of relations between India and Iran in recent period, as well as potential problems in relations with USA, caused by them. Namely, as India’s global profile has strengthened during recent years, its relations with the United States have improved. Given the culmination of decade-long conflict between the U.S. and Iran, India will have to walk a fine line between these two forces. This article explores the factors that favor strengthening India’s relations with Iran, as well as the factors that favor the preservation of strong relations with the U.S.

Keywords: Indo-Iranian relations, US-India relations, economic sanctions, oil trade, infrastructure projects, oil transit routes