UDC 340.137(4-672EU:497)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 63 (2012)
Vol. 63, No 1148, pp. 91-98

Review Article

Methods of Accomplishing Compatibility of the Western Balkan States Law with the European Law

Srdanović Branislav R. (The Author is an Expert of International Law Association (ILA)),

In 2004, the EU started the process of CARDS States acquiring the EU membership by introducing the aviation Law, in order to provide for air traffic safety and security. Paradoxical as it was, it proved to become a good introduction for the incoming process of organizing full EU membership for the CARDS States. At that time compatibility of CARDS States with the European Union Aviation Law was very complex but too important to achieve. It required creating a sustainable organizational and methodological framework for the purpose. At the time, all the CARDS States (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia & Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia), with the exception of Croatia, were far from the European standards and legislature in the field of the Aviation Law. On the other hand, given the security and safety specifics of the aviation law and the specifics of the Western Balkans States at that time, two major issues were to be resolved: first, to provide for organizational and methodological framework for drafting amendments to what was missing in the CARDS States Aviation Law compared to the EU Aviation Law, and second, which turned to be much more complex, to induce the political will of the countries concerned to firmly cooperate with each other.