UDC 343.9.01(497)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 63 (2012)
Vol. 63, No 1148, pp. 52-70

Original Scientific Paper

The Importance of Preventive Acting in the field of Crime Suppression with the Reference to Strategic Acts of the Western Balkan Countries

Matijašević Jelena (Faculty of Law for Business and Justice in Novi Sad), jelena@pravni-fakultet.info

Criminality is a very complex phenomenon and it is a national problem in all countries - developed countries and developing countries. In the field of crime is particularly highlighted organized crime. Organized crime is a significant threat to security, in national and international scale. Crime prevention is focused on the prevention of occurrence some of the forms of crime. Preventive action involve a range of different political, economic and legal measures taken by states at national, regional and international levels. Preventive fight against crime is based on certain principles that together meet the basic criminalpolitical goal, and it is successfully fight against crime, with legal, humane, legitimate treatment, with respect for human rights and freedoms. In the current social circumstances, repressive measures are a necessity in combating organized crime, and prevention is orientation of modern criminal policy, which is lately accented, because over time it became clear that the reactive approach, which focuses on the event, is not sufficiently effective in preventing criminal activities. Realizing the importance of preventive activities in the area of crime, Western Balkan Countries have adopted appropriate National Strategic Acts to regulate this area. These Strategic Acts are presented in more details in this paper.

Keywords: Crime, Organized Crime, Prevention activities, Strategic documents, Western Balkan Countries