UDC 343.911(6)
Biblid: 0543-3657, 62 (2011)
Vol. 62, No 1141, pp. 33-50

Original Scientific Paper

Organized crime in sub-optimally developed societies

Bieniek Karolina (M.A. University of Wrocław, Poland), karo.bieniek@gmail.com

The aim of this article is to show the broad picture of criminal relations in sub-optimally developed societies. It is Africa which has been the home for the biggest number of developing countries for many years now. However, due to an enormous diversity of the continent, the main focus of this paper will be the region of East Africa, which consists of thirteen countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, as well as the Indian Ocean islands off the East African coast: Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius and Madagascar. This article will search for the answer to the question of whether or not there are growing trends of concern, and whether they pose a significant threat to the stability of the societies of East Africa.

Keywords: organized crime, East Africa, developing countries, small arms and light weapons